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November 19, 2005


This is our 5th born Caleb. He is 7 yrs. old. Caleb came next in line after three girls so has put up with a lot! He very talented with building things and drawing. So he spends many hours playing with Lego and anything else he can build with. He likes to spend as much time as he can outside playing with his buddies "his younger brothers". He has a real soft spot for little ones and is often found 'conversing' with his baby brother and sister. He has a very strong personality and he knows what he wants and doesn't want. When he was 3 yrs old he told us at the supper table that he was all done. Dad looked in his bowl and said he had one pea left to eat before he could have dessert. Caleb got a "look" on his face and refused to eat that one pea. So he left the table without a word, and also without dessert. I think over the last few years he has realized 'there's more to life than one pea'

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