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November 28, 2005


This is Nathan. He is one and a half years old.

Heis a blessing to our family and brings many smiles to our faces. He reminds us a lot of his brother Zachary with his endless energy. He is just starting to talk and we are challenged almost every day to figure out what his 'new' word is! wa-wa is Joshua and water so we sometimes get them mixed up :) He loves music and is found many times dancing or clapping. When his big brother Joshua plays the jambe he likes to climb up on his lap and 'help' out! We call him our little praiser! He has a 'job' which he has to do several times a day. He puts his sister Brooke's and his diapers in the garbage. He took this responsibility on all by himself and he takes it quite seriously. When he sees anyone go to change Brooke's diaper he is sure to follow them and be there to deliver the diaper to the garbage. He is so cute as he can't open the garage door, so he needs the assistance of his big brother Caleb. He comes up to him and says, "Bob, Bob" (our family nick name for Caleb) and then they go together to carry out their mission! As you can see by the picture we are working on high chair manners and many other things in his little life right now!

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