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November 19, 2005

You Know You Have a Large Family When...

Those with large families will be able to relate....... You have half your kids with you and people still think you have your hands full. Your family fills up the elevator. People laugh at you when you describe an outing by saying "When I just had the three kids." You have a child for every age group at church You buy clothes on the sale rack without worrying because 'it will fit somebody'. When children visit your house and need a change - you are sure to have something to fit them. People have heard of you, from other people you don't even know. Your dream car is a 15 passenger van. The McDonald's cashiers hardly know what to do when you order 11 hamburgers and 6 large fries and 9 waters. People ask if you are part of a day care. You count your children by multiples of two or more. There is never enough space on a form to list all your children. You call 3 names before you finally get the right name. Your kids look at you funny when you tell someone on the phone you have one less child than you actually have. (oops!) You have 2 medical cards, because everyone doesn't fit on just one. Attendance drops by 10% when you don't show up for church. One room is no longer an option when you go to a hotel. You think matched socks means two socks that are the same size. Diapers are a line item on your household budget. You never worry about what to do with leftovers. Your family is too big for a family pass. You can no longer all fit on a Walmart photo. You laugh hysterically when someone asks if you work!

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