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November 16, 2005


We named our 5th born Caleb. We basically named him that because we had a Joshua and we really wanted a Caleb. (not very spiritual I know!) I have always liked the name Caleb but not really the meaning. It means 'faithful dog'. I know a dog is faithful and all that, but the meaning still kind of bugged me. That is until we went to a conference a couple of weeks ago. At the conference one of the speakers showed a video clip of a dog show. In the dog show a dog and his owner were doing a 'dance' together. The dance was really long and the whole time the dog had his eyes on his owner (unless he had to do a twirl or something). He would just look into his master's eyes and nothing could distract him. Not the many people watching or the noises happening around them. The only thing that seemed to matter to him was pleasing his master. The purpose of the video was to relate this to our relationship with God. That He is our Master and we should never allow ourselves to be distracted from doing His will and that we should only be concerned about what pleases Him. I was really moved just thinking about this. That's when it struck me...... the meaning of Caleb's name suddenly became alive... 'Faithful Dog' Our desire for all of our children has always been that nothing in their lives would be more important to them than pleasing their Heavenly Master and being faithful to Him. And how neat that we have a son whose name means exactly that! Now often when I look at him I am reminded how I need to be faithful to my Master and not let the things and busyness of life distract me from Him.

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