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November 14, 2005


This is our second born, Jennifer. She is 14 yrs. old and a tremendous help around our home. When I think of Jennifer lots of hugs and kisses comes to mind. She loves to have fun and has an easy going personality, A personality that her mom can learn from sometimes! Her favorite pastime is changing diapers..... okay, maybe that's not quite #1 on her list! She likes to read and you will often find her goofing around with her little brothers and baby sister. She also really likes animals and if she is missing you'll be almost sure to find her at the barn. Faovorite foods? hmmmm....not whip cream, she likes chocolate sundaes without the ice cream??? a roast beef meal without the roast beef???? But she does like chocolate ice cream?!?!? Her favorite word is RIIIIIIGHT! Did I tell you she likes to sing and play keyboard. That's our Jennifer in a nut shell and she is a NUT!

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