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November 23, 2005


This is Jesse. He is 3 yrs. old. He is a very talkative Jesse! Dad marveled just how much he talked when he was with him for many hours in the tractor this summer. When it was quiet dad knew he had fallen asleep! And then the moment he woke up the talking started again. He is very interested in things that have wheels and spends lots of time making tractor noises and pushing around his 'wheeled' toys. And if dad goes somewhere you are sure to find Jesse with him. He watches closely everything and everybody and reminds us very much of his big brother Joshua when he was this age. When Joshua was very young he knew a lot about farming just from all of his close observing and we can see that Jesse is learning quickly this way as well. He pronounces anything with a sw as sq; so sweaters are squetters and sweep is squeep. He says the words 'at that' a lot, like are we going at that town. He says upside instead of outside. FUNNY JESSE STORY: While eating supper one day, Jesse (2 1/2) protested about having carrots as a vegetable. After telling him that he didn't have the choice and he would have to have carrots he said, "We need to pray again." (meaning the prayer for the meal) When we asked him why he replied, "Because we need to have corn." He seemed to think prayer would change the carrots to corn. Little child, lots of faith!!!!

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