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November 13, 2005


This morning as I took out a clean towel, I noticed I could pretty much see through it. It was so thin. Then I realized maybe I should buy some new towels.
Now I don’t know about you but it always takes us awhile to “wear� in our new towels. Until then they don’t dry as well as the “worn� in towels. So I found myself resisting the idea of getting new one because I like my old ones so much! But that is not very practical, because when they fall apart they will not dry at all!
Then I started thinking about my Christian life and how I sometimes resist the new things God is calling me to because I am comfortable with the old. New revelations, new ministries, new relationships. These may not be comfortable at first, but as I grow into what God has for me it will be the ‘best’. There’s good, better or best. We can settle for any one of these. If I resist these new things, I will never know the ‘best’ that God has for me. And I do want His best, so out go the old towels.
By the way, does anyone know of a place where I can buy new towels that dry like old ones?!?
Maybe I haven’t learned my lesson after all!

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