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December 26, 2008

Are We Done Yet?

Well Christmas has come and gone.
This year was a very different Christmas for us. Most of my family was in Alberta so it was much quieter :) !!!
But mostly it was quiet because we are still recovering from this nasty flue bug.
It ended up hitting everyone except Mark and I (besides the occasional stomach ache).
So the food went almost untouched and the mood was "I just want to lay around."
Except for Mikaya. She was ready to eat all the candies in sight.
We did have enough energy to play a little hockey. Thanks to Grama and Grampa Pauls we got to try out our new hockey nets. They seemed to work just fine :)
Of course our cows decided that it would be a good idea to knock down a gate on Christmas Day, so a bit of chasing also had to be done.
And then some just lazed around while other worked on a 3000 piece puzzle.
I think everyone is over the worst of the flue though, so that I am thankful for. It was a weird one, just when it seemed it was over, it came back full force. Lots of bathroom runs (no pun intended), lots of pails and lots of sleeping. Brooke and Nathan had it the worst and longest.
So today I am trying to enjoy the noise that comes with extra energy because this means they are starting to feel better :)
Baby is still tucked inside, enjoying it's cozy home for now. I am feeling the time is definitely getting closer. Mark's mom's birthday is on the 31st and Joshua's is on Jan. 1st. Maybe we will hit one of those days or........maybe not! If it were up to the majority of our voters, Dec. 31 st will be the day with 8 votes out of 31. I closed the vote today so now time will tell.
And while we are all waiting :) we have another poll for you.
At the lunch table today we were discussing what color of hair this baby would have. We haven't had a red-head in over 8 years. What do you think? Put in your vote!
By the way, I don't think we have ever introduced the newest member to our farm. This is Buck, Buckley, Buckles.....or whatever you would like to call him that resembles these names. He is a BIG, loving, clumsy, slobbery, gentle, hungry, oaf. We like him :) And of course we had to dress him up for Christmas just to make him look a little more festive.


Lynnette Kraft said...

Your family is great! I love to see your pics...what a fun life you have. :) (and a skating rink too!)

Sorry your family was sick...we had the same thing way over here in Kansas (and it followed the same pattern yours did - think you're better then - OOPS! Not better!)

Have a blessed and joyful New Year!


Laura said...

I love all the Christmas pictures, glad everyone is on the mend.

What a sweet dog, you know we love dogs!

OK, I voted that sweet Baby Pauls will have brown hair. Truly just a random guess. Since the due date I picked came and went, not sure that hair color will be right either...LOL!

My brown headed kids were born with black hair, but my kids with blonde hair were alll born with red hair. I think that's so funny. Silly thing but I have always prayed for a red head.

Praying for you all!