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December 21, 2008

Rejoice Always!!

Well, once again I get to put into practice the Bible verse, "Rejoice in the Lord always. I will say it again: Rejoice!" Philippians 4:4 We are still on our little holiday. A couple of days into it Nathan started with the stomach flue. I immediately fought the urge to go home right then and there in case it spread. But I have learned not to live my life under the assumption of 'just in cases'. Instead I reminded myself that God had a purpose and things were under His control. A little while later, Mikaya caught the bug. Again, rejoice, rejoice, rejoice ALWAYS. But please God, don't let it spread. Trust...... Well today Zachary and Jesse have both come down with the dreaded. And Nathan and Mikaya are still fighting it. We have even had a couple of throwing up duets :) Are you asking me if I am still rejoicing? I am trying. We are due to go home tomorrow morning, so we decided to stick it out. What's the difference of laying around here or at home? As long as everyone has a bucket, we are A-OKAY! But if you think of us, we would appreciate your prayers for health and the strength to rejoice. So what about you? Is there something that you are struggling to rejoice about? Maybe we can pray for each other :)


Laura said...

We will be praying for all of you and your health/trip home tomorrow.

So sorry to hear you had been hit by the bug.

This has been a tough month for us, being hit by "the world" oh' those sipiritual darts...sigh* I too am seeking to rejoice, pray for us too...there IS power in prayer and numbers.

Dianna said...

Hi Dear Yes, there is def. power in prayers & numbers. How true! I will admit when i read the first line of rejoice my heart skipped a beat. I figured you had an announcement to make!! and I sure didn't expect to read about the flu announcement!! I guess I'm out of the vote! awwww!