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December 28, 2008

How Hungry Am I?

The latest book I have been reading is called 'Expecting Miracles' by Rolland and Heidi Baker. It has really been challenging me in my walk with God and very timely for what I have been dealing with in my heart. This Christmas was so different for me. Usually I am right in there with all the shoppers. But this year because we really had virtually no Christmas shopping to do I observed. And in observing I was quite appalled at how commercialized Christmas has become. I know some of you are thinking BAH HUMBUG. But that isn't what I was feeling. It was a deeper heart thing. Almost like an awakening in my spirit. I didn't see shoppers who were cheerful givers, but rather I saw frazzled, overwhelmed and greedy shoppers. I saw shoppers who pushed and shoved to get that 'perfect' item on their list. But reading this book written by missionaries in Mozambique it has really challenged me on where my hunger really is. Is it in the material things of this world. Is this what really makes me happy. Of course the 'Christian' part of me would argue that Jesus is my all in all. That all I need is Him to be fulfilled. But how would I feel if I, like the people in Mozambique, had nothing, really nothing. We pray for them that they have more, but more of what. When I read what God is doing, and I see their spiritual hunger, that is what I long for. I should be praying for what they have, a deep spiritual hunger for the things of God.
Blessed are they which do hunger and thirst after righteousness:
for they shall be filled. Matthew 5:6
Here are a couple of excerpts from their book, Page 27-28 Our teacher spoke this afternoon about hungering after righteousness, the Kingdom of God. She commented on how differently these Mozambican pastors look at the Scriptures, because the word hunger has a whole other meaning to them. They know that hunger unfulifilled leads to death. These pastors have experienced that hunger. They have a desperation for this righteousness with the same yearning that they have for food. These men and women view the whole Gospel in a different light than we do in the West-the words of Jesus take on a different meaning and depth in the eyes of the poor. Page 31 More than the food and drink we need to live, we need fresh bread from heaven. We need the bread of life that only Jesus can provide-His glorious presence. Those who are spiritually hungry will be satisfied as they eat and drink of Jesus. My prayer is constantly that God would give us such a hunger for Him, and that He would pour out the healing oil of His Holy Spirit on all who are desperate for Him. We need to welcome such hunger. We need to be like helpless little children before our Savior, giving HIm full and absolute control of every area of our lives. Then we will know that, truly, Jesus is more than enough.

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Forever Young! said...

Sounds like a great book. I've just put in on my wish list. (I love to read!) Love your insights and love reading your blog. Can't wait to hear about your newest treasure's birth! God bless you all.