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December 29, 2008

Memories Monday

Since we are thinking of babies thought I would post some pictures of when Caleb was born. It was one of our most pleasant hospital birth in a small Manitoba hospital. We had a pallitive care room which was more like a little hotel room. Small kitchen, couch (which Mark was grateful for), and lots of space for the family when they came to visit.

Our Growing Family

Mark's Parents Visiting
My Grama, Mom, Sister Amanda and Brother Travis Visiting
And just to update you all on the baby status :)
It's not born yet!
It seems now that everyone is pretty much over the flue,
so now I feel comfortable bringing a baby home.
We were actually hoping that it wouldn't be born before tomorrow because of different circumstances. Only one more day! Just watch, now I will be way overdue!!!
Keep checking in, the girls will post as soon a baby arrives!


Laura said...

Love the old pictures. I've never seen a hospital room like that.

The girls and I are reading this post and want you to know that your family, and sweet Baby Pauls is in our thoughts and prayers...praying hard for tomorrow!

Laura, Elizabeth, & Rebekah

Stacey said...

Come baby COME!!!