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December 6, 2008

Put In Your Vote

Well, the gender of the baby has been decided by all of my blog readers. If only it were that easy :) The final tally was Boy 47: Girl: 35. Thanks for your vote! Soon we will find out if you were right. So it's time for a new vote. This one should be easy. What day do you think our baby will be born? Go ahead and vote (on the sidebar) and if you would like, add a comment to this post and tell me what date you choose. Your name will go in the jar of that date, and once this baby is born, we will pick a name out of the jar of the actual date. If your name is picked then I will send you a copy of one of my favorite books on the subject of being a housewife and mother "Passionate Housewives Deperate for God". Remember, in order to be eligible to get the book, you need to leave a comment saying which date you chose. And then we'll see if your right:)


Denyse said...

I said "After New Years". Oh, and how many of those boy votes were from Mark??????

The Pauls' said...

Denyse: Let's just say Mark vote boy 'a few' times:)

Thanks for your vote!

Nettie said...

I voted for December 29. Hope baby comes then or sooner.

Laura said...

Oh' the agony of the date decision...it's so hard to decide?!

I guessed the 26th...hoping you make it past Christmas but before the New Year...YET only HE truly knows!

Can't wait to know if Baby Pauls' is a he or she?!

(I have the book and love it, you don't have to enter me in...but I still wanted to comment & vote!)

chrissherrigirls said...

Chris & Sherri Dyck think that Dec 31st is the day

Esther Penner said...

It's been fun watching your blog. And exciting to know that your baby will soon be here. We pray that God will give you strength to go through the birth and recover ok and still have a blessed Christmas with your family the best you can.

MJ said...

I love reading about you and your family. I pray that the Lord will give you strength and all will be well with you and yours.I think you will have him/her before the 25th. Blessings to you all. Hugs MJ

RP said...

I vote for Dec.26 because that is my birthday!
Your farm was the beginning setting of my birthday! My parents were visiting our grandparents who used to live in the old house that you took down this year (that is another story and many happy memories). It was a stormy day so my parents came by stoneboat over the fields. My Mom went into labor while visiting so they had to take the sleigh to the corner (about 1/2 mile) where Uncle Henry had parked his car. They bearly made it to Manitou hospital before I made my appearance!!!!