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December 17, 2008

A Quick Holiday

We have been wanting to take some holidays since field work was completed, but there were so many projects that we had to get done first that we kept postponing it. But finally last week we figured that is was time. So we are off for a few days. Nothing spectacular, but a holiday all the same. So we are at a hotel right now and plan to stay for a few days. We did some swimming this evening. The kids had a blast. Brooke loved the water slide. The weather is still very cold so we don't plan to go out much. Just hang out and swim and pretend it is warm! We went shopping a little today and the malls were crazy. As I looked at people's perplexed and frantic faces as they picked out gifts, I was thankful that we didn't have much to buy this year. This is really quite odd for me as I love to give gifts, but this year it just isn't a priority. We did get the younger ones a couple of little toys to play with while in the hotel, but that is about it. I was waiting to put up Christmas decorations when our walls were all painted. That is done now, just the base boards to put up, but we are gone now so I guess there won't be a lot of decorating. Oh well, less to take down:) One thing you might not know about me is I love little/miniature things. Today I found the cutest little oranges. You may have seen them, but I hadn't. They are mini honey mandarins. And as a bonus they are even yummy. This pregnancy I have lost all my chocolate cravings but I could eat fruit all day! So these little oranges are hitting the spot. You can pretty much eat them in one bite! So cute:) Talking about little, it won't be long now until our little blessing will show his/her face. I really am having a hard time believing that my due date is less than 2 weeks away. And honestly, I a don't have everything ready. I took out some newborn clothes, but they still need to be washed. We still have some switching of clothes (transferring to different shelves) to do and some switching of bunk beds. So it will have to wait until we get back. I just feel a little unprepared. Not like me, usually I have things done way too far ahead! But baby will come when God says its time, no matter how prepared I am! And there are many arms ready to hold him/her! No worries there :) By the way, the vote is still running. It looks right now like December 31st is the day in your opinion! If you haven't voted yet, throw in your 2 cents! And if you have voted and would like to be in the running for the book I want to give you, make sure you leave a comment telling me which day you voted!


Laura said...

I'm glad you're getting a little vacation! I'm like you...I can't believe my due date is so soon! I don't feel ready. Not because I'm not ready for the baby to be here, but because my pregnancy has gone by so fast and it doesn't seem like it should be over yet! I love being pregnant and I like being obviously pregnant. :) I'm glad you're doing well...can't wait to see your newest little one!

Laura said...

Hope you all are having a great time, and enjoying a nice holiday!

OK, which baby is in the picture???
What a beautiful baby!

Dianna said...

I'm guessing a girl and Dec 29

The Pauls' said...


Mikaya is in the 1st photo.
Brooke is in the 2nd photo.
And Nathan holding Mikaya in the
3rd photo.

Dianna said...

Merry Christmas!! I'm sure it'll be extra special for you this year! looking forward to hearing the news!