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December 9, 2008

CanYou Say COLD?

The excitement is building around here.
The weather has dipped to frigid temperatures.
-26 C with windchill this morning. (that's -14.8 for all our Fahrenheit friends:)
There's nothing quite like stepping outside and as you take a breath of fresh air..... your nose hairs stick together! Refreshing!
You can find a positive in everything if you look hard enough right?
Well around here the positive of the cold weather is that we have been able to do lots of flooding on our rink and..... it is almost done! Hockey, here we come!
So put on your woolies and shout a HOORAY for cold weather :) Really, I'm sure you can find a positive in it too! To all of you who live in a winterwonderland, what's your favorite thing about winter?
By the way, don't forget to vote on the birthdate of our baby. And if you read our blog and have never introduced yourself, we'd love to meet you as you put in your vote!


Denyse said...

The ice rink is looking great. Hopefully ours will get started soon.

One of my favorite things about winter is when everything is coated with frost. It's such a beautiful winter wonderland.

Laura said...

We don't get a winterwonderland around here...the closest we get is when our fountain freezes. It's much to small to skate on, unless your a barbie...LOL!

I love the pictures, it's so pretty. I also love fall and winter, it's my favorite time of year...so cozy!

Laura said...

James is sitting here with me and wanted to make sure you knew how COOL he thinks your snow/ice is.

He said "Canada WOW, I love it!"

So Hello, to the Pauls' from James!

Mckenzie Quilter said...

I love winter too. The definite changes to the seasons and the way the landscape changes - a field that was black dirt becomes green, then gold and finally a beautiful white- so white in fact that on a sunny winter day you need sunglasses to be able to see as you drive down the road. That doesn't happen in summer.
Today we had beautiful sun dogs too.
Winter also makes it necessessary for me to put away my sandles(at least out of doors) and wear my winter boots- and on really cold days, socks too.
We don't need to mow lawn either in the winter. Yaaah!!!
Go Winter.