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June 12, 2017

Jack and Jill

I like animals. I always have. When I was growing up we always had animals around. Cows, a horse, pigs, rabbits, guinea pigs, hamsters, cats, dogs, goats, chickens. But when Mark and I got married I realized not everyone has the same fondness for animals as I do! Over the years I have come to the realization that I don't have much time for animals anymore. But we do have a few kiddos who have inherited my like for animals. Nathan likes rabbits in particular. This spring he was pretty thrilled to get two rabbits, Jack and Jill. They were both very young when he got them so they were easy to tame. Nathan has even trained them to be on a leash. When they are playing outside he will often tie up Jack close to them. Jack loves the break from his cage. He is just starting Jill on a leash. She is doing good too! I have decided rabbits are one of the best pets. They are quiet and affectionate. They dont take much space and are easy to feed. So without further ado, meet Jack and Jill!

This is Jack. He's not too thrilled about the dog being close by and keeps a close eye on her. 

The kiddos all love playing with Jack. Tonight Jaden and him were spending some quality time together hopping, sniffing and stuff. 

Joe being the leash holder.

Jack is a Giant Flemish cross so he's a big boy. 

Time for kisses.  

Sweet Jack, looks so innocent in the picture! But sometimes he does naughty things like eat my flowers. 

Jaden and Jill

Jaden trying to figure out what it's like to be a bunny. 

Joey, Jaden and Jill

Isn't she so pretty? Jill is a Mini Rex cross so she is much smaller than Jack. 

More kisses

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Shayla Thiessen said...

aww! That's so cute!