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November 8, 2018

Day 5

Today was day 5 of our trip.

This morning we woke up to this. A poor guy drove his truck right into the water on our campground. Talk about having a BAD day!! It was like watching reality tv as they pulled it out of the water. The little boys were pretty entertained! Mikey thought there were alligators in the water and that they got in the truck. Silly boy! Ironicallly the campground name was  
"4 Guys RV Park".  Maybe things like this happen all the time ?!?!

After that entertainment we were on the road again with HAPPY faces :)

We got to drive about 3 hours through the most beautiful valley ever!!!! We won't mention the winding, narrow roads, huge bumps on the highway that sent many things flying and the GPS mess up! But all in all it was an great adventure that added more memories to our list!

Finally we arrived to our first destination...WALMART! Here we also entered with VERY HAPPY!!!!!! faces. Walmart is always a good place to stock up on food, wear off some energy and get some treasures! We can only shop for about 3 days worth of food so Walmart is a frequent stop on every vacation.

We shopped for about an hour then drove about 2 more hours where we reached our final destination for the day. We were even in Cosby, Tennesse while we were watching the Cosby Show!!!!! Now we are staying at a beautiful KOA campground in the Smokie Mountains for the night. It was pretty much dark when we arrived so no pictures yet! Sadly you will probably not hear from me for a few days as we will not have internet access. But stay tuned...I WILL be back!!!

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