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November 29, 2018

DAY 26

 Today is the second last day of our family trip. This morning everybody woke up with happy faces but I only got pictures of a couple of them.
 This guy did not want to smile because we where watching a video. We where all relaxing today because we have 16 hours of none stop traveling tomorrow.

You may be wondering why this little guy is so happy its because we where going to the.........
I think Zach had the most fun of all. Here is an interesting game that we found at the play ground and everybody had lots of fun with it.

You press what music you want and how many people you want to play you could choose one or two players. After all this is done there is two colors green and red one person chooses one color the other person chooses the other color then you see who can hit there color the most times. It was very fun!!!!

After all this fun we got a LIMO!!!!! I got a picture of it here if is.
Its not a very big one but it was cool. The limo took us too..........
Josh and Rebeca recommended it to us. It was a very good. After this delicious lunch we went to the office where we played in the game center. Here are some pictures.
This is Max the grey Parrot he is very cute.
After playing games we played a round of minnie golf.

We had lots of fun today and we have enjoyed every minute of our trip and we happy but sad that it is over. So bear with me in theses hard times. I wont be putting any pictures tomorrow but I will put words.

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